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December 19, 2020

Top 5 Images Of 2020

Out of 22,000 images, choosing the top 5 images was a refection of a year defined by politics and a pandemic.


A protester marches down Worth St. in Asheboro as a part of the Eastside March. The march was organized during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd in Police Custody. 

President Donald J Trump speaks to a crowd at a rally held at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston Salem, NC ahead of his unsuccessful bid for re-election. 

A volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign uses a megaphone to help organize a voter registration drive that was held at the end of a march across Winston Salem State University following a rally. 

Randleman High School had its first socially distant graduation ceremony for the graduating class of 2020, masks were required, and everything was kept 6 feet apart. Most seniors were just happy to be able to have a ceremony. 

Trick or treating went socially distant for Halloween in of Asheboro hosted a drive-thru trick or treat.

Photos Credit: Scott Pelkey / Acme News

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